NEXTGEN The fully integrated Transport Compliance Solution

Having the data is key to streamlining your operation. Know the 5-W’s (who, what where, when, why)


  • Mapping features including real-time location, vehicle status, geofencing, event replay and more
  • Instant notification of events
  • Operational analysis tools allow users to look at the things that matter the most
  • Keep your team in constant communication at all times, resulting in faster response times, improved safety and better service

Seamlessly manage your obligations to compliance and regulatory requirements.

"alt text" Sentinel Fatigue Management WA

  •  Automatically converts data into easy-to-read reports
  • Run, schedule and export reports of current and historical data for your daily inspections or audits
  • Alerts as events occur across the business means you can take immediate preventative measures
  • Review performance metrics and check fleet schedules to ensure assets are up to scratch
  • Manage mass and pre-start checklists electronically to reduce paperwork and meet compliance requirements
  • Vehicles aren’t filing cabinets. Manage all necessary paperwork, from gazettes to permits, in one place

Motivate your drivers to improve their behavior and manage their own compliance.

"alt text" HD Replay a day & Safety Analytics

  • Immediate insight into on-road behavior helps drivers make better decisions
  • Drivers are able to manage their work and rest hours with alerts before a violation occurs
  • Mass, pre-trip, speed and fatigue apps help drivers manage their own compliance obligations
  • Utilise manifests that provide an easy way for drivers to get jobs done with sign on glass & photos as proof of delivery
  • A constant connection between the driver and the back-office that is both unobtrusive and safe

Mass Management & Pre-Trip Checklists

"alt text" OBM or OBM or AMMS

  •  Now integrates with on-board mass weighing system for accurate mass readings PACIFIC SCALES  - AUSQUIP BUNBURY
  • Helps meet compliance obligations to the CoR & WA Main Roads Heavy Vehicle Accreditations
  • Mass information available instantly on-screen and via auditable reporting
  • Audits become a click of a buttom


"alt text" EWD for fatigue management

  •  Monitors, calculates and records work and rest times for your drivers.
  • Helps ensure drivers meet fatigue work and rest hours based on their assigned rule-set 
  • Operates independent of the mobile network when the driver is offline and out-of-range
  • Minimises errors with accurate current and historical information
  • Instant alerts before a driver is required to take a break so they can find an appropriate area to rest
  • Provides instant feedback to the driver to help them understand fatigue rules


"alt text" EASYDOCS removing the need for paper

  • Store documents electronically via the in-cabin device
  • Instant driver notification of new and updated documents
  • Provides easy access to documents that are legally or operationally required in the cab
  • Documents are viewable independent of network range 
  • Send individual documents to specific vehicles - you're in control