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FleetTrac Solutions WA's direct teletrac navman partner

Committed like no other in delivering beyond any reasonable doubt the value proposition that has been proven now for 2 years running as being a market leader within the Australian Telematics vehicle tracking and asset management space.


How we deliver results if granted the opportunity to connect,

  • 2+ Strong years with substantial growth means FleetTrac Solutions has solidified and continues to establish itself as a market leader within Western Australia
  • TeleTrac Navman dedicated direct Platinum Dealership means greater buying power for our clients allowing the strongest value proposition being attainable
  • Not just Resourceful but also Resourced to deliver on all customer scoped requirements from sign up to installation, on-boarding, training, reporting and should there be challenges along the way as nothing is perfect. SLA guarantees to best mitigate any potential cost burden or unplanned time taken to resolve
  • Over 15 years experience empowers our team with the knowledge to deliver by actually listening first. This allows our team the ability to book and assign well before when needed the correct resource qualified best to finish in the time asked allowing a seamless state of forward progress to be repeated and replicated in the most efficient way possible eventuating into the milestone wins  desired by the client on time and within budget. 
  • Same day service GUARANTEED My team are in place to support all segments of training, warranty, adds, moves, changes, reports, config updates, incident investigation assistance, regulatory compliance policy & practice help
  • Professional Monthly Fleet Management Compliance program available.  We understand that time is in short supply for most, so let our team manage your fleet the way you want with the KPI's, reporting, violations, configurations, movements etc all taken care of with a special user access still given to you  in the event you require data immediately.

We can easily demonstrate how you will save time & money through a FleetTrac Solutions managed TeleTrac Navman deployment.


You need to join the winning team and share in what from the last official count in Jan 2019 had our base at 135,000 active tracked vehicles/assets within just our own region ANZ/NZ.

  • Make your fleet safer
  • Increase existing revenue whilst  creating new streams not available without TNavmanFTS.
  • Get done right what you need easier and more efficiently than ever before
  • Have confidence your fleet, your staff, your reputation is protected knowing that you now have improved policy, procedures, tools and boosted staffing culture knowing everyone is contributing to your OH&S, WH&S, COR compliance efforts.
  • No matter what industry or if its 3 or 3000+ vehicles/assets we will together achieve long lasting sustainable success.



Teletrac Navman is committed to create products and solutions that move your business forward and is proud to have received numerous awards to recognize our efforts. We’re driven by the need to make life in the office easier. Our team works under a united vision to deliver a product that’s valuable to our customers. And the industry is noticing 


Fueling the Transport & Logistics Industry


Modern transport and logistics operations have a lot to consider, from operational requirements through to compliance regulations.

While safety is a top priority and meeting Chain of Responsibility (CoR) regulations can be challenging, constantly narrowing profit margins to stay competitive may mean you need to find every efficiency. You're focused on the big issues driving your business, luckily telematics can help. For the past 25 years, it's been our mission to provide innovative fleet and compliance management solutions, giving you complete real-time visibility, ensuring compliance, protecting drivers and increasing operational efficiency. 


 As a bulk transport business, Porthaul's remit varies. One truck might be transporting fertiliser or grain, while another will be carrying live produce or limestone. This range of activities means it not only operates a large fleet of trucks, but also plant and heavy hauling equipment, logging vehicles, refrigerated vans and earthmoving machinery. With so much going on, the business wanted to better manage all these moving parts, and make sure it was getting maximum value out of each one. 

Fulton Hogan


High demand is a great opportunity for any company. But for Fulton Hogan Transport, landing several big jobs brought the potential for some additional risks in achieving its time-honoured tradition of ‘doing what they say.’

“Since implementing this system, Fulton Hogan has met all its delivery requirements and our customer experience has improved substantially,” says Jeff Sherriff, National Transport Manager at Fulton Hogan.


Connecting equipment – IoT Collecting data from heavy equipment and other assets is part of the Internet of Things (IoT) revolution transforming equipment management. The potential to convert data into business value is driving exponential growth in the uptake of telematics. Teletrac Navman provides a manufacturer-agnostic platform that connects any asset - empowering forward-looking businesses to utilize their data to increase productivity, reduce costs, and ultimately achieve a higher level of excellence across their operations. This means that you are not merely able to monitor your assets, now you can see activity or costs by jobsite or across all of your operations.

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We know that our clients have unique needs and circumstances. The vehicle tracking device when powered through our unique fleet tracking applications, of which we have options available allowing flexible choice based on what it is you need, when its needed in real time,Tell us more about your project, we will get back to you soon with some ideas of how we can address those circumstances demonstrating why our fleet management solution is by most measures the market leader.

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