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Promote and monitor safe driving in a single platform

Develop a fleet driver safety program designed to measure risk and communicate safe driving principles to your drivers. With a driver safety solution from Teletrac Navman, businesses can record and benchmark against driver data, including poor driving behaviors; assign drivers a score based on their performance; and view incidents in real-time with Safety Analytics with integrated dashboard camera.

Fleet management SOLUTIONS your business can depend on

Simplify fleet management with Teletrac Navman DIRECTOR. The fleet management software that has been chosen by over 40,000 businesses worldwide and 135,000 vehicles in Australia and New Zealand to reduce fleet operating cost, improve driver safety and manage compliance. Find out how DIRECTOR can help you manage your on road operation.


Construction site management software from Teletrac Navman changes the way contractors do business. With full visibility into every asset on multiple jobsites, firms have access to cutting edge data that not only maximises profitability and equipment efficiency but provides the platform you need to compete on a large scale.

Transport & Compliance

The transport and logistics industry has a number of laws and regulations in place to ensure Australian roads are safe for everyone. With the Heavy Vehicle National Law (HVNL) and CoR legislation in full effect, it’s vital that everyone - not just drivers - is aware of their role. fleet management with NextGen by Teletrac Navman is a fleet tracking solution built for the transport industry, get a demo today.

EARN MORE, reduce COST, mitigate risk, SAVE TIME

NextGen is a complete fleet and compliance management system design specifically for transport

The smarter way to manage your transport fleet NextGen; your all-in-one transport solution

Your drivers, vehicles, equipment and staff are the backbone of your entire organisation, yet without the right tools it’s difficult to have complete visibility. NextGen can help your business remain compliant with industry legislation. The real-time flow of information is a tremendous asset in ensuring that each link in the Chain of Responsibility (CoR) is compliant.

NextGen provides the tools to empower your staff and drivers to manage their compliance obligations, so you can focus on more strategic initiatives. The solution provides the big data you need to analyse trends and identify exceptions, allowing you to focus your time in the areas that are negatively affecting your business.

Dashboards that measure performance & proactivley show live alerts on whats important


Teletrac Navman DIRECTOR, the multi award winning fleet management software, gives fleet owners full visibility into fleet performance and mobile resource activity.
DIRECTOR is the fleet management software driving efficiency for more than 100,000 assets in Australia and New Zealand.

Director Dashboard set per user with unlimited licenses

Increase revenue and reduce costs

When managing a fleet, information is essential – constant monitoring and analysis is the key to achieving results. Teletrac Navman DIRECTOR delivers real-time reporting on the costs, labour and fleet trends in day-to-day operations, allowing for simplified and accurate decision making.

  • Complete more jobs everyday with smart routing and job dispatch
  • Cut fuel spend by reducing unnecessary kilometres travelled and improving driver behaviour 
  • Maximise fleet capacity with productivity reporting

Fleet Management through FleetTrac Solutions promotes effective and transparent colloboration between partners

Reinforce customer satisfaction

Every part of any given business transaction has influence on your customer's perception of your operation, from order entry to delivery, communication and timing. DIRECTOR gives you visibility at every step of the process to help avert delays or omissions to ensure a favourable impression – and repeat business.

  • Instantly respond to customer requests with an exact location of drivers and vehicles
  • Help ensure productivity with insights into a driver's progress on their journey
  • Communicate with drivers in real-time with two-way messaging
  • Get more trips per vehicle and faster service by optimising routing with daily vehicle usage reports

OH&S leglislative requirements are meant to keep everyone safe and everyones standards high promoting best practice and continued improvements

Assure regulatory compliance

Industry regulations are complex and often undergo constant revision. When it comes to ensuring you and your staff's obligations to compliance laws are met, it can often be difficult to keep up with a growing business at the same time. Helps your operation remain compliant to avoid potential challenges, penalties and even liability. 

  • Instantly monitor driver work and rest hours according to fatigue laws
  • Audits become a breeze with  with real-time reporting that you can schedule straight to your email
  • Manage all y

Transporting DG requires permits and standards diffrerent to other haulage types

Promote fleet safety

Paring Fleet Management applications with vehicle tracking devices allows a proactive aproach to managing safety and can help reduce risks and prevent incidents to preserve an organisation’s reputation – a far more valuable asset than most think. DIRECTOR can help reduce risk of incidents, fines and penalties, and physical, legal or financial damage. A program that supports safe driving pays dividends in many ways.

  • Reduce incidents and traffic violations by recognising unsafe driver behaviour 
  • Identify a personalised training program for each driver by utilising driver scorecards
  • Real-time alerts for drivers to assist them in driving safely

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